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Coven or Solitaire?

I have not said that self dedication or solitaire practitioners are any less worthy than coven initiated Wiccans. I don't mean that at all, nor do I think that. There is a difference between being initiated into Wicca and being a self dedicated Pagan practicing the faith of Wicca.

I have known "initiated Wiccans" who are less dedicated to the faith than some solitaires I have met. The problem lies in the fact that you can not initiate yourself into something that you are not already a member of.

We have people who if it were 30 years ago would not call themselves Wiccan, but rather Pagan witches. Now, everyone you meet is Wiccan even if they have never been initiated. Why, because (insert author here) wrote in (insert name of book here) and said that you could perform a self initiation and become a Wiccan. Now, I have looked really hard to find that. Quite frankly, no I have not seen it in those words. What I have read by these authors is that you do not have to be initiated to practice and follow the faith and path of wicca.

I can go to mass every Sunday, say all the Our Fathers and Hail Mary's using all the correct words, bending just so when required and even crossing myself north, south, east, west for 40 years. Still the fact of the matter is I can't be a Catholic doing that alone until the Priest says I can and performs a ritual making me Catholic.

It wouldn't matter a hill of beans if Father Patrick published a book saying I could become a Priest in six easy steps all by myself. Father Michael wouldn't want me to give the next sermon, Sister Mary Francis wouldn't want me to teach Catholicism to the children. It still wouldn't automatically make me a Priest. It most certainly would not give me the right to call myself Father. So please do not insist that because you read a book you are now a Wiccan Priest/ess and now have the title of Lord/Lady in the 3rd degree.

I don't think however that being initiated and bound by the rules should be for everyone. Some of the most powerful witches I have known are eclectic drawing from many paths. You can not practice whole hearted something which you do not believe in. For most eclectics, everything they do they believe in from the heart. Magick comes from the heart after all and if you do not believe in what you are doing then it wont work.

Sometimes being bound by the rules of one path only leads to stunt the growth potential. Non-initiated Solitaires, be proud of who/what you are, proclaim Paganism as your faith.

Self Blessing Ritual

This ritual should be performed during the new moon, but it is not limited to that phase. Need, not season, determines the performance. There is real power in the Self Blessing; it should not be used other than in time of need and should not be done promiscuously.

The purpose of the ritual is to bring the individual into closer contact with Deity. It can also be used as a minor dedication when a person who desires dedication has no one to perform the Rite. This self blessing ritual may also be used as a cleansing ritual. It may be performed by any person upon her/himself, when she/he feels the need.

Perform the ritual in a quiet place, free from distractions, and nude. This priestess has found that performing the ritual as part of a bath works very well indeed especially when it is a cleansing ritual. You will need the following:

The result of the ritual is a feeling of peace and calm. It is desirable that the participant bask in the afterglow to meditate and understand that as a singular being she/he has called the attention of Deity to herself/himself, asking to grow closer to Deity in both goals and in wisdom.

When you are ready to begin, sprinkle the salt on the floor and stand on it, lighting the candle. Let the warmth of the candle be absorbed into the body. Mix the water into the wine, meditating upon your reasons for performing the self-blessing. If doing ritual as a bath, draw a warm bath, pour the salt into the water, relax yourself into the tub, then light the candle and follow the rest as described above.

Read the following aloud:

Remain and meditate for a while. Consider what has been said, yourself, the Lady, and the Gods. If done as a cleansing and a bath visualize everything that was just cleansed from you draining away from you along with the water.

Remember, you can not initiate yourself into something you're not already a member of. Self Dedication is between you and Deity. Let no one tell you it's not valid! The path you choose is for YOU, not for those who aren't traveling it to judge.

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