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Here are just a few pieces I've written over the years. I don't really put my poetry on the internet. These were created as part of my online activities in one way or another so they've always exisited on the internet.

A Keto Witch's Brew

by: Gwen Wolfrose © 21 October 2017

Boiling coffee in a cup, now add some heavy cream.
Then butter from a cow, fed grass in fields of lucious green.
Blend with pumpkin spice and perhaps a shot of brain fuel MCT.
Tis a morning brew to help you move your ass while getting yourself lean.

Wyrdcraft Dance

by: Gwen Wolfrose © Beltaine 2017

I place my foot upon the path
To cross the hedge and find myself
Dancing the dance of Wyrdcraft
Here in the Draig Sidhe Realm.


by: Gwen Wolfrose © 5 November 2007

Daisies are yellow
Roses are black
I would be mellow
If I had a fat sack

A Coders Nightmare

by: Gwen Wolfrose © 28 February 2000

Typeing code for hours now,
check it, perfect, oh wow!
Alert: illegal operation?
Windows went on vacation?
Screen frozen & locked up,
no chance to save a back up,
oh what a menace....
I should've been on a Linux!!!

The Legend of Wolfrose

by: Gwen Wolfrose © 31 March 1999

once in the land of mist
a wolf went walking
seeking yet not knowing
what he would find

then he stopped ...
... for in front of him
bathed in pale moonlight
was beauty frozen in time

the wolf met the rose
and took her as mate
in the mist where the
moon did shine

be it legend or myth
once a wolf loved a rose
in the land of mist
where the lady did shine

point of the tale you ask ...
... eh who knows ...
but some would call it
the legend of wolfrose ...

The Maiden Song

by: Gwen Wolfrose © Litha 1998

she sits in a window
wonders where he's gone
wiping away her tears
she sings her maiden song.

he stands in the rain
looking for the chance
to see his sweet love
if only a fleeting glance.

he doesn't know
the passion she feels
for she is afraid
to tell him for real

she doesn't know
that he longs to be one
with his lady of dreams
and her alone

so in their dreams
they will always be one
and she will forever
sing her maiden song.

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all rights reserved, all wrongs returned accordingly...