Hedge Witch


Yes, I’m a witch. I’ve stood before
The Lord of Death and found him not unkind.
I’ve practiced well the sacred hidden lore
The words of power and the spells that bind
And loosen; culled from nature’s trove
The herbs that heal - But most of all have I
Danced naked, free and proud beneath the sky
Unto the Goddess, She who shines above.


Yes, I’m a witch for I am free
From hope of Heaven and the fear of Hell.
No solemn vale of tears is this to me.
Earth is my cup of joy. I love her well.
Seek not to turn me from my destined fate.
Earth is enough for me, and if I burn
I shall not leave her but to earth return
To live again a witch — Re-in-carnate.
For ’tis our promise and our firm belief
That She who loves us brings us back again
As seeds once buried rise again in leaf,
Stem, branch an blossom in the Summer rain.
And are we less than seeds? But should it be
That one life only was our metered span
And Power comes but once to any man
I’ll live it lusty, joyfully and free
And be a Witch! Author: Sea, of the Gardnerian Coven of Deepstar
© October 27, 1971




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