Gwen Wolfrose
Graphic Designer

Who R U?

Gwen is an award winning artist who loves creating unique graphics for use on websites and social media.

Down the Rabbit Hole

In the late 1990's Gwen started creating graphics and built her first website on GeoCities. In the late fall of 1998 she joined an email discussion list called The Pagan WebCrafters' Association where she met Parker. On May 1st, 1999 they joined their talents to form what is now FrogLace Studios. They share a strong devotion for art and, as artists first, graphics have always been central to their endeavors.

Step Through the Looking Glass

Gwen & Parker are still creating and selling custom graphics & artwork so head over to FrogLace Studios and take a peek at what they've been brewing.

Graphics, Text and "Look & Feel" Copyright © 1998- Gwen Wolfrose,
all rights reserved, all wrongs returned accordingly...