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The Bio:

AKA The Beeotch Goddess, Gwen has been walking a pagan path for over 35 years. She's a Hedge Witch, the Wyrd Mother of Draig Sidhe, an Artist, Author, Domestic HouseWitch, Wife, Mother, and Yaya.

The Formative Years:

She's a GenXer who was born in a little town in the vast desert oil fields of West Texas. Her inquisitive childhood years were spent between both there and in Las Vegas, Nevada where in her early teens she got her first taste of alternative spirituality, tarot, and witchcraft. Then she married the wrong man, had children, and later ran for her life with her children in tow.

The Internet Days of the 1990's:

[the sound of a dial-up modem and that Yahooooooo! yoddle]

Yahoo! was an internet jugernaught at that time and THE place to hang out. You could usually find Gwen there under the alias of LadyMacLane in a user created chatroom named PaganLake where she made many life long friends. One of whom strongly encouraged her to create her own graphics and learn HTML to build her first website on a free hosting site called GeoCities. In the late fall of 1998 while perusing WitchVox she discovered The Pagan WebCrafters' Association and decided to join their email list [PWA-L] to further those skills. She also became involed in the discussion elists for the Witches of ICQ and Witchaven around that same time period.

Along Came a Saint:

In January of 1999 Gwen submitted her website for a critique on the PWA-L and a very nice man using the alias St.Parker wrote her back channel to offer his assistance. After speaking for several months and working as a team on various projects they decided to start a web design business. In late May Parker decided to fly from Washington state to that dusty little town in West Texas to meet Gwen. He never went back.

Going Viral Before it was a Thing:

In 2001 Gwen sent her friend Arwen an email with the begining of what would become The Charge of the Beeotch. After adding to it and sending it back and forth with much joyful mirth and sides aching with laughter they polished it up and shared it with their friends along with permission to pass it on. After many rounds circulating the pagan internet it was later published in the Spring 2002 Issue #27 of The Beltane Papers and can still be found posted on pagan websites, forums, and social media sites throughout the internet today.

Into the Wyrd:

Around the Summer of 2002 Gwen and Parker started a pagan study group that evolved into the foundation that became the Draig Sidhe Path. Later Parker began writing Sea Land Sky: a Dragon Magick Grimoire with cover art by Gwen which was then published on March 7, 2003. In the early fall of 2017 Parker asked Gwen to help him make revisions to material from that book and combine it with additional material from the Draig Sidhe Path to create Sea Land Sky : a Dragon Magick Grimoire [Revised Edition] Setting Forth on the Draig Sidhe Path which was published on March 23, 2020 available on Amazon in both Kindle and Paperback.

Ob La Di, Ob La Da:

Gwen and Parker enjoy a magickal life full of love with six grown children and ten grandchildren. They live in a rural area just outside of a small city in West Texas with a tiny herd of little dogs (chi mix rescues).

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